My name is Maria and I am a Spanish biologist with a passion for nature, conservation and wildlife photograhy.

Conservation 101 is a personal project, a space to share thoughts, opinions and open discussions about nature, ecology and conservation. I hope to do so with a tint of positivism, because I am quite tired of the “we are destroying the world” motto. Because of that, I will be using this site to share conservation issues, but also, conservation success stories, tips on how to reduce our impact on the planet, and some interesting facts that I learn along the way. My wish is to share a hopeful message 🙂

One last note:

Although this site is intended to be written in english, as a Spaniard, there will be some posts also written in Spanish (check them under the Español category). However, most of them will be translated to English 🙂

Thanks and hope you enjoy your stay!

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