Over 35 ideas to reduce our plastic consumption

If you take your time to stop and look around, you will realize that we live surrounded by plastic. Basically, we are surrounded by a lot of things that arent really necessary or that you can replace with more durable ones. In fact, on many occasions, making simple changes and slightly modifying our routine, can lead to healthier habits, for us and for the planet. Whatever your reason against plastic, check out the following list:

Let’s start with a brief review: The 3 Rs

  1. Reduce: It is in our hands to decide what to buy and, sometimes, we have to learn to say “thank you, but no, thank you“. By choosing sustainable products and buying more responsibly, we create a demand for better products and that is how markets change. Remember to order your drink without a straw, avoid plastic bags when shopping and reject all those stuff we do not need: plastic cutlery, bottles …, etc. Basically, if you don’t need it, don’t take it.
  2. Reuse: We have become accustomed to throwing things away once we have used them, without thinking if they can still be useful. Glass jars, old clothes, bags, everything can be reused. This will help to generate less garbage and possibly save us a few euros.
  3. Recycle: When we can’t reuse, it’s time to recycle it, this helps to reduce waste and minimizes the environmental impact.

Easy changes to a plastic free life:

Supermarket and kitchen:

🏪 Say no to plastic bags, use reusable bags. As I never know when they can be useful, I always carry one with me

🏪 Avoid overpacking (for example, buy fruits and vegetables that are not wrapped in plastic) 

🏪 Use cloth bags or reuse small plastic bags to buy fruit and vegetables in bulk

🏪 In the supermarket, take your own containers to buy in bulk and avoid the plastic wrap. In the kitchen, store food in glass containers. It is healthier and more aesthetic: the advantages of life without plastic!

🏪 Buy fresh bread at the bakery, and have it put directly in your reusable bag. Why does my bread have to be covered in plastic?

🏪 Choose wine with cork stopper

🏪 Frozen products: Do yourself a favor, and reduce your consumption of frozen foods. You’ll also be helping the world, by the way;)

🏪Milk: In Spain this is difficult, but if you can, choose milk in a reusable glass container

🏪 Buy chewing gum that doesn’t have plastic

🏪 Choose to go to the farmer’s market instead of the supermarket

🏪 Use brushes and sponges to wash dishes that do not have plastics

🏪 Use reusable coffee capsules


🚽 Replace the plastic containers for solid soaps, solid shampoos and solid deodorants. Or for products with biodegradable and ecological packaging.

🚽 Use bamboo toothbrushes

🚽 Throw away blades: Replace them with a reusable razor blade

🚽 Choose toilet paper that is not plastic coated

🚽 Look for reusable alternatives for women’s products (for example, menstrual cup or reusable sanitary napkins).

🚽 Cosméticos: without plastic containers and without microplastics


👚 Avoid non-reusable straws: the truth is that most of the time, we don’t even need them. But did you know that there are alternatives made of glass, aluminum and bamboo? There are even some that fold to make them more comfortable to transport!

👚 Coffee to go: try to take a travel mug with you. Your coffee will be safer and will stay warm for a longer period of time

👚 Bring your own reusable water bottle and avoid buying plastic bottles. If you can’t drink tap water where you live, choose glass bottles

👚 Take your own lunch boxes when you go to order food to go. If you order take out, tell the restaurant not to add cutlery

👚 Bring your own reusable cutlery

👚 Choose an ice cream in a cone instead of one in a single-used cup

👚 Buy in thrift stores

👚When you order pizza, ask the restaurant not to put the plastic piece in the center. This is easy, right?

👚Try to reduce the consumption of soft drinks. Not only it helps the planet, but also your health

👚Sandwich: replace the aluminum foil for sandwich reusable wrappers

♻️ Headphones: bring you own, do not take those on the plane or train

♻️ Handkerchief instead of “kleenex”

♻️ Avoid clothes that contain plastic (polyester, lycra, nylon, etc.), choose natural fibers.

♻️ Pack gifts without plastic and avoid the adhesive tape

♻️ Ask (if possible) to receive you parcels without plastic wrap. Also, if you’re not in a hurry, choose the standard shipping (express shipping increases the carbon footprint)

♻️ Choose plastic free envelopes

♻️ Replace the lighter for matches

♻️ Hand soap: solid and without plastic

♻️ Treat your things with love: Their useful life will be longer and they will break less.

♻️ ¡Fix it!: if something breaks, first try to fix it

 Remember, plastic is not to blame for anything. It is our actions that have consequences. There is no need to get rid of all the plastic at home, remember the three Rs: reuse, reduce and change your habits little by little.

Where to find eco-friendly products without plastic:

🛒 Zero waste supermarkets: https://app.zerowastehome.com/?result=Spain

🛒 Spanish supermarket plastic free: https://vivirsinplastico.com/donde-comprar-a-granel/

🛒 Zero plastic: e-commerce of products that serve as an alternative to disposable products.


🛒 La corvette: solid soaps

🛒 Eco bottles: catalog of different reusable bottles

🛒 Ecoalf: clothes made from recycled materials

🛒 4eco: ecological cleaning products

🛒 Practical eco: some organic products without plastic

🛒 Ecology: green and different gifts

🛒 Ecco verde: some products that try to reduce the use of plastics

🛒 Lush: shampoos, conditioners and solid gels (although shipping wrappers are plastic)

🛒 Nuilea: Natural cosmetics store, not necessarily without plastic

🛒 Life without plastic: online store of products without plastic

🛒 Made sustainable: products without plastic

🛒 Eco lunch boxes: store specializing in food products without plastic

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