6 + 1 wildlife filmmaking books for this summer

Summer is the perfect time to relax and read a book, and, as a huge fan of nature photography and filmmaking, I decided to share some of my favorite books with you. Some of them are tips and tricks to develop your filming skills, while others are focused on the stories and anecdotes of the people in the industry.

Without further ado, here my list of wildlife filmmaking books for this summer:

Go wild… With you cam recorder – How to make wildlife films, Piers Warren

This book is very useful to get ideas on how to start your own film. It goes through all the production steps: from selecting a cam recorder, camera techniques and fieldcrafts to postpodruction. What I like about the book is that Piers Warren gives you a variety of tips for filming nature at the field. It also provides further reading and resources to keep on learning. The book is very easy to understand and it is mainly aimed at beginners, so if you want to start a career in wildlife filmmaking (or if you just have filmmaking as a hobby!)., this is a good place to start.

Confessions of a wildlife filmmaking – the challenge of staying honest in an industry were ratings are king, Chris Palmer

Shooting in the wild – an insider‘s account of making movies in the animal kingdom, Chris Palmer

I love these two books, they explore the industry of wildlife films and made think about issues I had never think about before. Chris Palmer uncovers the risks taken by the business in order to increase ratings. He talks about the story of wildlife filmmaking and the trends of the industry. He also talks about his own career and how he implements more ethical practices. I specially liked “confessions of a wildlife filmmaker”, because it has a deeper focus in the ethics and conservation of the business.

How to make science and nature films, Rob Nelson and Dan Bertalan

This book is an introduction to the science and natural history filmmaking; it gives you a different perspective from the other ones: instead of showing you how start as a freelancer, it tries to teach you how to get into the industry through companies like National geographic and Youtube.

Conservation film-making: How to make films that make a difference, Madelaine Westwood and Piers Warre

This book intends to be a tool for conservationists and filmmakers who want to create films with an environmental message. It explores every step of film making and comments different case studies as well as shows examples of organizations that effectively use film for conservation.

Careers in wildlife film-making, Piers Warren

This book is aimed towards those interested in enter the wildlife film-making industry. Differently from “Go wild with your cam recorder”, this time, Piers Warren is focused in the business and he gives tips on how to get started, where to get an education and shows comments and interviews with different professionals that work in filmmaking.


How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck, Steve Stockman.

This book is not specifically about wildlife film-making but I wanted to add it to the list because I really enjoyed reading it and putting its tips into practice. The whole book is about giving you tricks on how to shoot your video from the basics, which makes it a very good starting point for beginners. What I like about it, is that is very practical, as it keeps suggesting new exercises with each new chapter.

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