What is Plastic and why is it a problem?

Now that being green is trendy and everybody is talking about the infamous plastic, I am opening my blog with a small section that will be dedicated to explain what is plastic, where it comes from, what impacts does it have on the planet and what can we do to reduce our impact. This is the first of a series of posts, and it is also available in Spanish here.

But first, What is plastic?

“The plastics are those synthetic or semi-synthetic materials, which have the property of being malleable and moldable on solid objects of various forms. This property, the plasticity , gives the material its name and it is what makes it so useful in our lives.” ( plasticseurope.org ). Plastics are derived from different materials, such as fossil fuels, minerals and plants. 

What makes plastic so attractive?

Among the different properties of plastics, its cheapness, lightness and durability stand out, as well as the ease of producing it. Due to these reasons, the production of plastic grew exponentially during the last century. ( Single-use plastics: A Roadmap for Sustainability, UNEP, 2018 ).

In this series of posts, we will talk about plastics: what they are, how their uncontrolled use affects the environment, and what we can do to solve the problem.

Resources to keep on learning:

Documentaries, videos and movies:

📽️ It’s a plastic world movie

📽️ How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean: a National Geographic video

Keep reading:

📖 Plastics Europe: detailed information about plastics

📖 Ecosfera club: Community of blogs and environmental and ecological content (in Spanish)

🔗  Life without plastic: blog about living a life without plastic

🔗 Zero waste bloggers network: network of bloggers from the zero waste movement

🔗 My plastic free life: blog about living a life without plastic

🔗 Going zero waste and Zero waste home: how to live without generating waste

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